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I am an American student studying abroad in London this semester. I have a break coming up at the end of October. I am looking to do a multiday hike in Scotland. I'm looking for anything between 4 and 9 days. I am really just looking for advice on what would be a good trail to look into. Also, I need to rent a tent, sleeping pad, and maybe stove depending on whether I'm feeling like I'm going to want some warm meals, so info on gear rental would be great. From everything I've read so far, it seems like it's a pretty normal thing to spend the day on the trail and then go into town to find somewhere to sleep each night. I'd much prefer to either sleep in my tent or stay at backcountry shelters for the duration. The other issue is that I need to be able to take public transportation to trailheads (but am still trying to avoid an out and back if at all possible). I'm an experienced hiker, but this will be my first multiday solo. I don't know what the blazing situation is on trails over here and whatnot so that's definitely something that I'm curious about. So basically any information y'all could provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

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