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How do I quickly buy high-quality undetectable fake counterfeit money online for a better life?

High quality undetectable fake counterfeit money is not available online.
Online criminals are not usually purveyors of quality merchandise. If you get anything at all from them it will be of poor quality and you will be caught when you try and spend it.
Regardless of your current situation, prison will not be a Better Life

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How do I get high quality undetectable counterfeit banknotes online?

That would be like setting out to get a photo of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster in the same frame.
This does not exist. The illegal market for counterfeiting is about multiple cheaply produced copies that are just “meh”. They rely on people that are not experts to not bother to look at the money. It does not take an expert either. Manager at supermarket and even bartender can spot a bad bill.
The myth is state sponsored counterfeit that has reasonable facsimile of all security features made to destabilize an economy of enemy. I recall the rumor that the Shah had plates for $100 given to him by US government that fell into hands of Islamic Republic of Iran. If those bills existed nobody ever detected them nor did the US admit it if they were passed on through banks to treasury

What if money was fake?

Well after working in the bank for 1.5 years, I finally realize the truth about money. Money isnt real, you are just working to add a bunch of figures in your bank account every single day.

Currently you may be able to feel it physically but as time progresses, you will see that the “money” you currently hold will be faced out and it will be replaced by “invisible money” such as Visa paywave, Alipay etc.
So you definitely need to find a way to make money work for you otherwise you will be in trouble in the long run

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How can you tell a fake $100 bill?

How can you spot a fake 100 dollar bill?
The new ones are obvious, look at the blue strip. I have yet to see anyone come close to it. The old ones, look at the strip under a light carefully, if it seems off at all try to run it thru the self check at any store. Watermarks can be copied and pen tests are a joke. Really keep an eye out for 50s and 20s though. Mostly 50s because most people don't have much experience with them. At last resort if the ink isn't lifted on the suit of the president it's fake. If you can easily tear a small piece and see white, it's fake.

What is fake money?

Fake money can ONLY be described as money created with the intent to falsify value. (aka counterfeit.)
It is much easier to understand the opposite: What is real money?
“Real money” is anything (physical, digital or imaginary!) that has been given value. Monopoly Money is real money. It has value! While it’s value is limited within the scope of those playing the game, and of no value to those outside of the game, Monopoly money is given value by those playing. It’s the same thing within a classroom economy. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are real money as people have attributed the digital code as having value.

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To only identify the US National Currency (or any other national currency) as real ignores the purpose of money:
An intermediary tool to aid in the exchange of desired goods and services.
(Don’t forget - Money isn’t what we really want, we are merely using it to get what we really want: time & treasures.)
If you were to add anything else to your question, the answer would become very different. But at its core, money is very wide in scope as there are multiple types of money

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