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1. Common lead oxide minerals

Cerussite PbCO3, including Pb77.6%, is the main lead oxide mineral, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/fly-ash-grinding-mill-machine.html]fly ash grinding mill machine[/url] usually after vulcanization xanthate flotation. Cerussite easily sulfide sulfide, the optimum PH 9.5. When a large amount of sodium sulfide sulfide if caused when PH is too high, you can switch to sodium hydrosulfide for curing agent. Cerussite susceptible to fatty acid flotation. But not easy to separate from the gangue.

Lead alum PbSO4, including Pb68.3%, which can be floating with cerussite similar, but the curing time than cerussite long, the amount of sodium sulfide galena also more than white. Best PH lead alum vulcanized 7-9 Lead solubility of alumina because of the large surface, so the surface of the collector is not easy fixation, but in PH 9.5 to 11, the presence of a large number of collector, add a small amount of phosphorus of sodium, lead, vanadium can be partially floating.

Choi wulfenite PbMoO4, leaded 55.8%, Flotability with cerussite similar. But the role of sulfide and xanthate, decreases with increasing temperature.

2. Lead oxide flotation method:

After the flotation of sulfide flotation and direct two methods

(1) after vulcanization xanthate flotation. This is the most commonly used method, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/solutions/fly-ash-concrete-grinding-mill.html]fly ash concrete grinding mill[/url] this method is noteworthy that the sodium sulfide addition mode. Adding sodium sulfide concentrate, can cause the pulp PH is too high, so that the lead mineral received suppressed, sodium sulfide to be segmented to add. Such as sulfur or sodium sulfide, sodium hydride instead of adding copper sulfate, ferric sulfate, sulfuric acid can be added even eliminate the adverse effects of excess curing agent.

Ore fluid absorption vulcanizing agent, and mineral surface contamination, adding water glass, sodium pyrophosphate and carboxymethyl cellulose, etc., can partially overcome the adverse effects of sludge. Sometimes off the mud, but it will cause the loss of metal.

Gangue gypsum, in the pulp can cause sludge to reunite and play a role with carbonate ions to produce precipitated calcium carbonate, covering the mineral surface, hinder sulfide minerals and collector agent.

Impact of the elimination of plaster in two ways:

① replaced with sodium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide, [url=http://www.coppercrushing.com/projects/silica-sand-mining-process-plant.html]silica sand mining process plant[/url]  or adding a small amount of sulfuric acid, to reduce the slurry PH, so that carbonate ions form soluble compounds, so to form insoluble calcium carbonate;

② added to the slurry of ammonium chloride or other salts, in order to increase the solubility of calcium carbonate, limiting its precipitation in the mineral surface.

(2) fatty acids and neutral oil flotation method This method is suitable for refractory high mineral content of lead, gangue little or no limestone and dolomite ore. In this way the resulting index is often lower than the previous one. However, in some cerussite the plant, get better indicator.

Collector available fatty acids, heavy oil, and kerosene oil oxidation products, naphthenic acids and soaps and tall oil.

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