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Váš Teahouse Transport


This job is also available outside London or outside the UK. Work from home (or anywhere) is possible.

We are looking for a new colleague to join us and help us with customer service and occasional translations of our website.

We maintain high quality of customer service. Therefore - please contact us only if you consider yourself a 100% conscientious person.

You would be communicating with colleagues and customers from all over the world. We look for reliable and open-minded people with energy and positive attitude. Everybody in our team has to be self-reliant (happy customers count, no boss will be standing behind your back).

You need to be able to communicate with your colleagues in English - however, perfect English is not necessary.

It is very important that you speak & write well 1 or 2 of these languages:


This job is also ideal for people who have just left school. As long as you are skilled with using a PC or a Mac you will be fine. To be more specific - if you use the right button of a mouse for copying and pasting - it is better if you do not contact us ;)

We don't do any sales calls or anything similar. We only provide customer service.


- bonuses for peak periods (Christmas etc.)
- possibility to grow (team leader or higher)
- discounts for our own courier services (e.g. your private or eBay parcels)
- we share costs of your fitness activities
- work from home is possible
- the job is also suitable for physically disabled people

If you live in a country where you have lower costs of living or simply not in a capital (rather a smaller town but still with a good internet connection), then you have a higher chance of becoming our new colleague. (We operate with low margins and would not be able to afford to pay you enough, so that you would be able to cover the cost of extremely high rent in London or any other expensive capital.)

Please check our website (Teahouse Transport) and tell us in a SHORT description why do you think you are the right candidate for this job.

The short description is more important than your CV, but feel free to send us also your CV.

Thank you!

Your Teahouse Transport




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