Friday, 24 February 2017
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Beloved Czech And Slovak Law Experts,

I Am Grateful To Invite You Now Or Due To Ascend Into he Closest Presence Of Our Maker ELOHIM; It is The Czechoslovak Tradition To Be Saved And Like Jesus Christ Exceedingly Early To Ascend! (See Oxford Dictionary Ascension)!

If Your Employer Turns Of Too Many And Too Long Disciplinaries We Must Compare The Company's Rules And Disciplinary Policy With Universal Charter Of Human Rights And We Must Change the Company Fundamentally And Copletely Even If This Was The Church Of Jesus Christ It Self!

Please Help British Justice Must Do Good British (English Military Basis In The Continental Europe And Anglican Waships Since 1914 Was Too Much) Iternational Jusice Needs Our Help Exceedingly And We Will Make Christ's Great - Cellestial Difrence!

Christ's Most Charitable And Most True Friend In The Name Of The Father And Of The Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ Me Ivo Baksay Now To Obtaine Every Perfect Gift Of The Holy Ghost.

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